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Initial Meeting

Our initial sessions are meant to help us to get to know each other and identify your areas of focus. You’ll learn more about ADHD coaching and begin to develop goals for it. 

Our paid coaching journey doesn’t begin until we’ve developed coaching goals together. This usually takes 1-2 sessions, which are complimentary.

My goal is for us to create a plan to work on, whether with me or someone else.

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ADHD coaching is practiced based intervention that compliments your ADHD care.  An ADHD coach helps you identify the perspective, strategies, and actions that work best for you to achieve your goals.

What is ADHD Coaching?

Unlike most other forms of ADHD care, coaching can have an active role in regulating your symptoms. My clients talk to me regularly via secure text and video calls. My goal is for you to always feel supported and never alone.



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Coaching Sessions

I offer as needed coaching or repeat sessions. For repeat sessions, I recommend clients plan goals around a 10 session coaching journey.


These sessions are weekly or bi-weekly. Planning around 10 sessions helps us keep accountable to each other.

 My goal is not to keep you on indefinite retainer but to help you achieve goals and move on to the next ones.

Therapy tends to look at the past and tends emphasize a disconnection with the provider. ADHD coaching focuses achieving future goals and a deeply connected experience with the coach. 

How does it differs from therapy?

My coaching approach is unique in that I combine my experience as a former attention researcher and tech industry professional. I provide both scientific and real-world experience approaches to help you achieve your goals.


I help clients work on their ADHD, life, and career challenges together in a way that therapy typically doesn't.

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What happens during sessions?

As a former attention researcher and product manager, I have developed a unique coaching approach that combines science-based ADHD coaching strategies with product management coaching.

My goal is to amplify the effectiveness of your overall ADHD care and help you achieve specific goals not in the scope of other providers.


We talk, and I listen a lot.

By blending the two coaching strategies, clients are able to receive comprehensive guidance and support to help them achieve their goals.







Discovering & Navigating
Neurodivergence in the Tech World

June 20 to July 11 Group Coaching Program

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